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Support My Art Project on Indiegogo!

2012-11-23 11:20:57 by theflatworld

Please support my art project at indiegogo! Click on this link! thank you!

http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/281749?a=83278 4

The project Birthday Angels 365 is a project that tries to create and synthesize new costumes and architecture on existing objects and expresses abstract ideas through artistic representation for every single day on earth, creating costumes for each of 365 days. For this fund raising campaign, we are looking forward for your contribution of the first phrase of this project, to create the color illustration compilation of costumes. The project especially emphasizes creating new costumes, architectures, cities, and underground metro stations. The abstract concepts such as seasons, emotions, and dream will be represented visually in the context of the objects mentioned above. The ultimate goal is to create entirely original design based on everyday objects to form a new world. This world will be serving as a background for an epic story I am writing.

Support My Art Project on Indiegogo!


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